PROACT offers discount on Trucorp Truman Trauma System

Friday, 02 May, 2014

New to PROACT Medical is the Trucorp ‘Truman Trauma’ System designed to help to equip medical professionals with the necessary skills for dealing with a range of life threatening trauma situations.

Techniques which can be practised on the Truman Trauma include: chest tube insertion, needle decompression, needle and surgical cricothyroidotomy and percutaneous tracheostomy. Truman Trauma is available with or without breakout incisor teeth.

The Truman Trauma System provides an anatomically correct simulated human torso together with the renowned AirSim head for training the full range of airway management and resuscitation skills. The Truman Trauma System features replaceable tissues which help provide each trainee a lifelike and unique surgical experience.

In addition, Truman Trauma is ideal for training in Airway Management Skills, offering:

  • Anatomically accurate oral and naso pharyngeal AirSim airway
  • Larynx piece with palpable rings
  • Full use of supraglottic devices and BVMs
  • Single lung isolation capabilities
  • Combi and nasogastric tube insertion

PROACT have a full range of TruCorp training models available, so please call us for further information or to request a copy of our catalogue.

We are offering a special 15% discount on orders placed before the end of June 2014. To claim this, please call us on 01536 461981 and quote PN0514 on your order.

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