Don't Be a Statistic Be safe & Secure on Your Feet with The RUD I-Sock

Wednesday, 16 January, 2013

According to the NHS in 2009/2010 there were 18,570 hospital admissions due to falls involving ice and snow. Don't take the chance of being a statistic this winter, make sure you are prepared and well equipped with the RUD I-Sock. You can be safe and secure on your feet this winter with the innovative RUD I-Sock.

The RUD I-Sock is a revolutionary safety product that offers exceptional footing and traction on slippery and icy surfaces. It is extremely quick and easy to use and simply straps on to your boot. The great thing about the I-Sock is that it is very lightweight, easy to fit, robust and an essential safety product that offers maximum traction and safety on snow and ice.

The I-Sock is suitable for a wide range of customers from the Emergency Services who need to be secure on their feet in the harsh winter months to ensure high 999 response rates, to the postal and delivery services to name a few. It offers maximum versatility, can fit to your shoe or boot and can be used across a wide spectrum of customs. It really is a diverse safety product that suits anyone who wants to ensure ultimate safety when walking in snow and ice.

A great thing about the I-Sock is you can drive in them, a perfect solution for customers who do not have time to waste removing the I-Sock when driving. The RUD I - Sock is made from a unique combination of textile and metal that offers excellent grip and traction on compact snow, slippery and icy surfaces. Due to the I-Socks large surface area on the boot it ensures that your foot gets more traction resulting in a higher level of footing for the user on snow and icy surfaces. Don't take any chances in becoming a statistic this winter: ensure your own safety with the RUD I-Sock.

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