East of England Ambulance Service Helping their Heroes

Monday, 06 September, 2010

Left to right - Alfie Branch with his dad Daren, Rod and Chris

Three paramedics are preparing to take part in a gruelling 10 mile march through some of the roughest woodland terrains in Yorkshire next month.

Chris Martell, Daren Branch and Rod Taylor who have all been in the army before joining the ambulance service are heading up North to take part in the Parachute Regiment 'P' Company challenge held in Catterick on Sunday, September 12. Part of the paratroopers selection process is to complete a 10 mile march route wearing a 35Ib rucksack on their backs within the I hour 50 minute deadline.

Chris who arranged the event said: "Our aim is to complete the march within a three hour time period and to raise as much money as possible for the Army Benevolent Fund. We are asking all our colleagues to help in any way they can by sponsoring us. If you can help out, please contact Rod Taylor on 07879 691958."

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