Snow time for woman in labour!

Wednesday, 20 January, 2010

Picture attached shows Watford based Bruce, Michelle and Graham.

Watford based paramedics had a special delivery when they were called to a stranded motorist during a very snowy January morning!

A woman from Hemel Hempstead was making her way to the maternity unit at Watford General hospital with her mother and father when her contractions started. Due to the heavy snow fall during the night and endless tailbacks and gridlock throughout their route to hospital. They decided to pull over in a lay-by at the junction of Ridge Lane and Hempstead Road in Watford and call 999. Their journey had come to an abrupt holt.

Duty operations manager Michelle Gregory and assistant general manager Bruce Morris jumped on to an ambulance and made their way to the scene. Their colleague, emergency care practitioner Graham Clements was at the scene on their arrival. All three found the woman on the rear seat of the car and birth was imminent.

Bruce said: "Mother nature decided it was time for the baby to enter the world, and with the assistance of Graham and Michelle, a healthy baby girl was born on the back seat of the car. Both mother and newborn were thoroughly checked over and their eventful journey to Watford General hospital was completed."

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