Views welcomed in Wales

Tuesday, 27 January, 2009

Listening and acting on the views of patients helps shape the way the Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust and NHS Direct Wales works.

Now a new twice yearly, bilingual bulletin has been launched specifically to let people know how patient feedback is making a difference.
Network News provides information through the Partners in Healthcare Network, which is made up of individuals who work with the Trust to improve services. The bulletin will be available in winter and summer with updates as and when required in between.

People who are not members of the Network can download the bulletin from the Trust's website
The first edition features how feedback from a number of focus groups for the deaf across Wales resulted in a series of British Sign Language video clips being introduced to the NHS Direct Wales website.

The video clips, produced in partnership with the Deaf Association Wales, explain what NHS Direct Wales is and how to contact the service. Work is now underway with the Ambulance Service to improve access for deaf and hard of hearing people.
Dr. Kevin Fitzpatrick, Chairman of the Trust's Partners in Healthcare forum, said: "This is just one example of how we've taken positive action after listening to people who know exactly how it feels to use the service."

Following discussions with children and young people's groups across Wales flyers and questionnaires were sent to schools and various youth groups to find out their health information needs. As a result of their feedback a new website called The Room was launched to provide 13 to 17 year olds with information and advice on health topics ranging from alcohol to sexual health.
Network News also contains information about a new section of the Trust's website called Patient's Stories, where patients share their experience of the ambulance service in their own words.

Leanne Hawker, the Trust's Partners in Healthcare Lead, said: " We're trying to open up as many channels as possible for people to contact the Trust and give their views."

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