NHS Confederation to seperate off Healthcare Facilities Consortium

Thursday, 14 August, 2008

The NHS Confederation today announced it has decided to separate off its specialised facilities support company, the Healthcare Facilities Consortium (HFC). The move comes after an extensive market review lasting 18 months. This decision will allow the HFC to better develop and respond to the needs of the NHS in a faster, and more commercially focused manner. In doing so, the current management of the company, along with one of its partners, will take over the running of the HFC from the Confederation, with effect from March 2009.

It is intended that the company will remain primarily 'not for profit' and focused on healthcare, but will enhance and expand its range of member services to respond to the requirements of the NHS. Any trading surpluses will be re-invested into supporting the NHS. The company will retain its mission of 'for the NHS by the NHS' and will seek ways of enhancing its representations by Trusts.

Martin Fagan, CEO of HFC said, "The staff and partners of HFC are delighted that the Confederation are supporting this major development for HFC. By facilitating, the company to act with more commercial freedom, we will be able to give increased support to the NHS as well as providing a significant amount of investment in the facilities area of the NHS."

Commenting for the NHS Confederation, Chief Operating Officer Janice Miles stated, "We had reviewed many possible ways of helping HFC realise its potential and decided that this was the best route forward. The NHS Confederation will continue to focus on its core areas, and we believe this decision best supports the future success of HFC."

Bob Heavisides, Director of Facilities at Milton Keynes NHS Foundation Trust, and Chair of HFC also commented, "This is an exciting time for HFC and I wish them all the best for the future of the company. This move is exactly what HFC needs."

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