NHS Responds to the Quarterly HPA Figures

Thursday, 24 April, 2008

Commenting on the latest quarterly figures from the Health Protection Agency, Gill Morgan, Chief Executive of the NHS Confederation, which represents 95% of NHS Organisations, said:

"While the C. difficile figures may provide some grounds for cautious optimism, the Health Protection Agency is right that we really need to see what happens next quarter before any meaningful trends can be identified on the data for both MRSA and C. diff."

"Any case of C. diff or MRSA is one too many and we need a 'zero tolerance' culture towards hospital acquired infections that is embedded amongst NHS staff and the wider community. Healthcare Acquired Infections are everybody's business requiring measures that range from the individual patient through to staff and NHS organisations as a whole.

"The HPA recognises the hard work that NHS staff have put in on fighting Healthcare Acquired Infections. It is important to continue to take all this work forward so that HCAIs are being tackled properly at all levels."

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