Survey Confirms Paramedics Require User Friendly Body Armour

"Too many paramedics and other frontline professionals are still opposed to wearing stab vests or other forms of body protection, due to simple misperception", says Robert Kaiser, CEO of UK based PPSS Group.

Many internal surveys, conducted by the UK's Ambulance Trusts concluded that stab vests are not wanted by their frontline staff.

Robert Kaiser strongly believes this is simply due to 'technical and design misperceptions' of body armour.

"We have conducted a six months survey, questioning a number of paramedics within the UK how they feel about stab vests, and the result is absolutely clear".

"Of course, there will be people doubting the efficiency of our survey. Nevertheless, we strongly believe this survey shows once again, professionals require user friendly protection".

Based on the PPSS survey, 72.8% of those completing the survey stated "stab vests, which offer blunt trauma protection, should be issued to ALL Paramedics".

87.7% also confirmed that "paramedics should be issued with their OWN INDIVIDUAL stab vest".

55.6% mentioned they were not aware of the latest available advances in covert stab vests, e.g. thickness, weight, concealability and wearability.

"Many of these professionals still believe stab vests are 6kg heavy, one inch thick, bulky, uncomfortable, restrictive and confrontational looking. But this is now far away from the truth".

Mr Kaiser is convinced that the majority of violent attacks on emergency services staff in the UK are not edged weapon, knife or needle related. He believes that the majority of assaults are 'blunt trauma related incidents'.

"Based on many years of frontline experience and our extensive research we know that the risk of knife or needle attacks exist, but this risk is nowhere near as high as the risk of being pushed, punched or kicked whilst on duty".

"This is why we have developed concealable, ultra thin and 2.1kg light body armour that protects the wearer from any type of knife and needle, but more importantly also from punches, kicks and any type of blows".

Mr Kaiser explains: "I think it is time to ask paramedics, prison officers and other emergency services personnel the right questions and educate them in a caring and supportive manner."

"Let us show them how much body armour have advanced. We fully understand the operational responsibilities and risks of ambulance personnel and our body armour reflect this understanding".

On Thursday 10th April, PPSS Group delivered a very informative public presentation, demonstrating the astonishing capabilities of their recently developed body armour, stab vests and slash resistant clothing at the London Islington Hilton Hotel. The event was attended by numerous organisations and professionals.

Aiming to clarify the common misperceptions of body armour, Mr Kaiser himself demonstrated the effectiveness and capabilities of the equipment. The two LIVE demonstrations, which saw the audience gasping for air, certainly had a huge impact and impressed all visitors.

Mr Kaiser strongly recommends to all NHS Ambulance Trusts, Healthcare Trusts and any organisations which employ frontline professionals to re-look at the potential requirements for user friendly and lightweight body armour..

Should you have any questions in reference to body armour, stab vests or slash resistant clothing, then please feel free to contact PPSS Group on +44 (0) 845 5193 95 email or visit

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