NHS Confederation comments on Audit Commission & Healthcare Commission report on progress with NHS reform

Wednesday, 11 June, 2008

Commenting on the report, Nigel Edwards, policy director of the NHS Confederation which represents over 95% of NHS organisations said:

"This report is a helpful assessment of the significant progress that has been made by NHS organisations in reform. Traditionally, we have been poor at evaluating the progress of health policy in the NHS. The Confederation would like to see regular analysis so both the public and policy makers can assess how services are developing and what the future direction for policy should be.

"Looking forward, we believe NHS organisations must be fully supported in the process of reaching Foundation Trust status so we can ensure a regular stream of applicants entering Monitor's assessment process.

"We support the report's emphasis on strengthening the commissioning of services by PCTs and the role of SHAs. Many of the tools for reform in this area are now coming fully on line or are soon to be properly bedded down into the system.

"It is vital therefore that we avoid any further top down restructuring so that NHS organisations can make the best use of these reforms and deliver on their potential."

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