Understanding food allergies

St John Ambulance Buckinghamshire has introduced a training course on food allergy and intolerance.

The course covers severe allergic reactions and how to give medication with an auto injector pen, as well as covering resuscitation techniques.
It is one of several new co
urses being introduced by St John Ambulance, including Emergency Aid for Motorcylists, Family First Aid, Sports First Aid and Activity First Aid.

"Anaphylaxis is something which the public have heard more and more about in recent years, because of stories emerging in the press about fatalities as a result of allergy," said Sarah Wright, Training Liaison Manager for St John Ambulance Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes.

"We believe this is therefore a very worthwhile course which, in just three hours, can result in someone being far more knowledgeable about how to treat allergic reactions. Potentially, that knowledge could then enable them to save a life if the worst should occur."

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