Ronin South Africe IHCD Paramedic and Ambulance Technician Training

Once again, Ronin have had a very busy start to 2010 and our courses are continuing to generate much interest. The January Ambulance Technician and the January Paramedic Practical courses were well attended, as was the March Paramedic Theory course.

Ronin are delighted to announce that the May Ambulance Technician is already full and the next Ambulance Technician Course starting on 12 July 2010 is filling rapidly. The incremental rise to virtual course capacity is a very gratifying turn of events for us, as we are aware that many potential students were watching our training before committing.

Now that they have spoken to graduates on how professionally the courses are run, the qualifications gained and the job prospects anticipated, the flood gates for training appear to be well and truly open and we fully expect our courses to be running to capacity from here on in. Any concerns or speculation surrounding the verification of our training overseas in Cape Town, South Africa by British authorities have now been eradicated, and our graduates continue to proudly display their IHCD / Edexcel certification. The ending of the recent flights chaos has eased any worries we had on our students' ability to get to their courses on time. The Ambulance Technician course provides our students with the opportunity to gain operational hands-on medical experience during the practical phase of their training, which is not possible in the UK, hence the reason why an increasing number of companies actively seek Ronin graduates.

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