Ronin South Africa Kick Starts the Year

Ronin South Africa is currently running two IHCD / Edexcel courses, the Ambulance Technician, which started 18 January and runs for 6 weeks and the IHCD Paramedic Practical, which started 25 January and runs for 8 weeks.

We are looking forward to another good year and the start has given us a great boost and proves that although our training academy is in South Africa, this has not served as an obstacle for us, as we are considered among the market leaders in IHCD training for the UK market.

The continuing good employment prospects have greatly increased interest in our training, not only from the UK, but also from Ireland and other countries. We are delighted to have students from all over the world and as a consequence it adds a truly international flavour to all courses, which we provide.

Our adventure continues and we are delighted with the interest we have received for our next courses (IHCD Paramedic 22 March 2011 and Ambulance Technician 24 May - 2nd July 2010).

Reports will be released about the progress of our students on the IHCD Ambulance Technician and Paramedic courses in later editions from the students themselves.

We advise any aspiring students to visit our website:

and find out more about the courses they are interested in.

Any questions can be directed to Mark McKinney the UK Agent for Ronin, either by email:

or phone; Tel: +44 (0)28 9039 5918

Mob: +44 (0)7957 860975

Fax: +44 (0)28 9039 5919

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