Ferno launches emergency equipment training programme

Training and evacuation audit ensure staff and patients are safe

Ferno, the world leading manufacturer of medical equipment to emergency services and funeral and mortuary sector, has launched a new training service to ensure that customers get best use out of its wide range of equipment.

The new service will cover Ferno's entire range of equipment for key sectors including ambulance; funeral and mortuary; hospital and rescue and evacuation.

Ferno managing director Jon Ellis said: "The training service ensures that anyone using Ferno's products will have the right skills set to safely and efficiently use a trolley, wheelchair, rescue chair or, indeed, any of our products.

"The service is also available to any organisations, which under law are obliged to have a range of rescue and evacuation products on their premises. As a result we have worked with Google at its European HQ in Dublin, Trinity College and the National Galleries in Scotland."

Ferno recently delivered a training session to Huddersfield Town Football Club at its John Smiths Stadium after completing an evacuation audit for the club which has several Ferno evacuation products.

Mr Ellis said: "A particular area of expertise is our ability to 'customise' and 'tailor' courses and programmes to suit a wide range of customer and clients' needs, which is what we did with the National Gallery delivering a high quality and cost effective training programme.

Michael Clarke, Director of the Scottish Galleries. "We found the training programme to be invaluable. It gave us the opportunity to learn about the full potential of Ferno's equipment and all there uses, meaning that we are likely to use it far more than we would have done."

The training service complements Ferno's existing consulting programme and Evacuation Audit which ensures that companies keep their people safe in the event of an emergency evacuation.

A significant number of Ferno customers operating across a whole range of industries and sectors are struggling with new health and safety legislation such as the Equality Act 2010 and the fire safety Regulatory Reform Order 2005.

These two major changes in the law require companies to take responsibility for the evacuation of everyone on their site, whether they are employees, visitors or contractors, and that particular attention needs to be paid to procedures for disabled, injured or unwell persons.

As a result Ferno developed an Evacuation Audit service which helps companies understand what measures they must put in place to quickly and safely evacuate a building and comply with regulations.

The Ferno Evacuation Audit considers all aspects of an emergency evacuation including the management of disabled people, treating the injured, the effects of smoke, lighting and crowd control.

Buildings which have to comply with the new legislation include offices and shops, factories and warehouses, residential care and educational premises, theatres, cinemas, healthcare and transport premises and places of assembly - large or small.

Ferno's work with the emergency services means that our staff are experts in all aspects of emergency evacuation planning and can help companies meet all their obligations under existing legislation.

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