EMS Training opportunities with PPA International

PPA-International is a medical training company based in Denmark and Croatia, providing professional medical training for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and private clients. Apart from basic ambulance education, we also provide advanced continued education for EMS personnel. We have a long standing experience with Bosnian Ambulance Services in Sarajevo, the Croatian Emergency Department in Pula, United Nations Mission medical personnel, various Army Medical Personnel, etc

PPA-International was founded in 1998 as a training consultancy company, and in 2004 PPA-International opened up permanent training centres in Denmark and Croatia. With the high quality training we provide, we quickly became the leading medical training centre in Scandinavia. We keep pace with new and ever changing technology, tactics and training ideas by providing the most experienced instructors straight from the field to ensure that our students receive highest quality and up to date medical training. Our courses are internationally recognized with registration from Australasian Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (AREMT). PPA-International Medical is officially recognized as AREMT's main Training and Administration centre in Scandinavia.

One of PPA's specialties is Tactical Medicine. We have extensive knowledge and experience in training medical personnel who are going to be operating in high-risk areas. During tactical medic training, just like with all of our courses, we try to keep the training as realistic as possible. Therefore, we use special training areas (combat city) designed to simulate the real combat environment, with building ruins, car wrecks, train wrecks, etc. Together with providing high-quality training, PPA-International also put a lot of effort in assisting our students in finding employment after they have successfully completed our courses. We serve as a bridge between our external contacts and our former and current students, in an attempt to establish a professional network, where our students and clients can not only exchange experiences but also exchange information about available job positions worldwide.

Contact: www.ppa-int.com - Tel+45 2443 8759

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