Ways to Avoid Pain Killer Addiction

Saturday, 28 May, 2022

Thousands of people die of pain killer overdose each year. Everything starts with the need for a small dosage that becomes uncontrollable. It pains to see a loved one who can't snap out of this addiction. Unfortunately, you might also go through it yourself. If you wish to avoid this type of addiction, here are the things you must do.

Don’t use someone else’s prescription

While pain killers require prescriptions, it’s easy to let someone else buy one on your behalf. You can also ask for another person’s pills and use them. It’s where everything starts to go beyond control. Make sure you only follow what the physician tells you and don’t take anything not recommended.

Always listen to your doctor

Your physician will tell you what you need and what your body can tolerate. You might think you need more, considering your low tolerance for pain, but you don’t. So don’t go against what your physician tells you, and stick to the prescription. You may purchase these pills online with a prescription. Sites like www.anytimedoctor.co.uk allow you to buy whatever you need and have it delivered straight to your place.

Don’t keep emergency medicines

You might also think you will experience pain later even if you don’t feel it now. Hence, you decide to keep emergency medicines in your cabinet. If you are doing it, it’s time to stop. You can’t allow yourself to go down this rabbit hole. As long as pain killers are available on-demand, you will have a chance of getting addicted.

Talk to a counsellor

Your pain might go beyond physical issues. You might also have emotional problems, confusing them with physical pains. As a result, you resort to pain killers even if they're unnecessary. The best option is to speak with a counsellor. You need an expert's help to overcome your problem. You might have other issues that require a closer look. Remember that you can't eradicate mental health issues with pain killers.

When you’re already facing severe addiction, you should seek help. Rehabilitation is necessary to regain control of your faculties. There’s no shame in getting yourself checked into a facility. But, wouldn’t you rather face the music now and be better than wait until everything is late?

Get a new hobby

Allow your mind to divert its attention to other things. Consider getting a new hobby. You may also try a new sport. The goal is to focus on things that will make you forget the physical pains. You can also meet new friends who don’t share the same problem. Perhaps, it’s time to cleanse yourself and be with people who will help you change.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Overdosing from these medicines is a real killer. You don’t want to be part of that growing statistic. Think about the people you love. They deserve your love and attention. You can only do it if you’re not going through an addiction problem. Your relationship with them could also be on the line.

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