NAA fleet management savings drive

Wednesday, 17 April, 2019

The Northern Ambulance Alliance (NAA) is improving the way it manages fleet information whilst simultaneously reducing costs and creating the ability to benchmark data across three ambulance trusts through a shared five year contract with Civica Tranman.

The NAA has undertaken a joint procurement to replace existing fleet management systems with an innovative, fit for purpose system which will support fleet managers to reduce vehicle costs through more efficient data capture and analysis.
This is the very first time a collaborative procurement has been undertaken by the NAA which is an alliance between North West Ambulance Service (NWAS), Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS) and North East Ambulance Service (NEAS). The trusts have joined forces with the objective of identifying and developing opportunities for joint efficiencies and innovation. East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS) is also an associate member of the NAA.

This project has been led by NWAS Assistant Director of Estates and Fleet Neil Maher with the support of colleagues at NEAS and YAS, as well as the NWAS programme management office. Further support has been provided by a project team including key representatives from fleet, finance, procurement and information management and technology teams at NWAS, YAS and NEAS.
The project went live in early March following workshops with Civica to ensure the new system meets the specification and needs of each of the trusts involved.
The key benefits of the new Tranman fleet management system are as follows:
Only one tendering process was carried out instead of three individual tenders, reducing duplication.

One-off set up costs across the three trusts.

One common system will help to drive efficiencies within the ambulance fleet as a whole.

There is an overarching reporting and management suite across the member trusts.
Neil Maher, Assistant Director of Estates and Fleet at NWAS said: "There have been significant savings achieved in the procurement of this system, however we see the real value of it as a long term investment for the three trusts in terms of future operating costs, process redesign, organisational learning, fleet quality, and the ability to make better informed decisions for future fleet procurements.

"It certainly falls within the ethos of Lord Carter's report on operational productivity and performance in English NHS Ambulance trusts, and goes a long way to laying the foundations for achieving the aims of the report in terms of operational fleets in the North West, North East and Yorkshire."

Rod Barnes, Chief Executive at YAS commented: "Our fleet is so critical to patient care that we welcome having improved visibility from the new system. This will allow all three trusts to improve the quality and efficiency of their operations which is an important step in supporting Lord Carter's recommendations to increase productivity and create greater efficiencies together."

Lynne Hodgson, Director of Finance at NEAS added: "There are a number of projects being pursued by the estates, fleet and procurement workstream of the overall NAA programme, all aiming to achieve standardisation and value for money. The teams are committed to working together to deliver efficiencies and drive forward best practice. The joint procurement of the new fleet management system is a significant milestone in this programme of work.'

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