Australian High Commission Welcomes Australian Paramedic Recruits to London

Friday, 25 September, 2015


The Australian High Commission hosted an event last night to formally welcome Australian paramedics who have been recruited to come and work for the London Ambulance Service.

The High Commissioner Alexander Downer and Director of Operations Jason Killens spoke at the event and welcomed the new recruits to the UK.

More paramedics are needed in London due to year-on-year increases in demand and a national shortage of paramedics make it difficult to recruit within the UK.

Director of Operations Jason Killens said “We have had great success in recruiting Australians to work for us. We turned to Australia as the skills and training of their front line closely match ours. We have 190 Australian paramedics who are trained and already treating patients on the streets of London. On our recent September trip, where we visited Melbourne and Sydney, we made 149 job offers. Between now and March next year, we will have another 170 joiners starting. We are offering Australians the chance to work for one of the world’s busiest ambulance services which is an incredible opportunity for anyone in this field.”

London hosts world famous events such as the London Marathon and Notting Hill Carnival, which is a great opportunity for Australians, as well as paramedics in the UK. Coming to work with the London Ambulance Service opens up many opportunities for paramedics, in addition to frontline ambulance work. These include working on a car, motorbike, bicycle and helicopter, as well as specialist teams trained to work in hazardous or potentially dangerous environments.

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