Health Minister praises Larrey Society “An Exciting New Venture”

Tuesday, 10 March, 2015


A senior Government health minister has sent The Larrey Society a message of support describing the first cross sector “think tank” formed to help shape an ambulance service fit for purpose in the 21st century, as an “exciting new venture”.

Earl Howe, Under Secretary of State for Quality at the Department of Health, in a letter to David Davis, the Society’s Founder:

“I have always been supportive of initiatives which introduce greater innovation and collaboration into the ambulance service, especially as we move into a future where the role of the ambulance service is changing and more is expected from the system.

“The Larrey Society appears to be an exciting new venture and I look forward to receiving an update soon”.

Members are senior executives from all three ambulance sectors – NHS trusts, private companies and voluntary organisations - and thought leaders from the medical and academic communities who will work together to pool ideas, conduct research and engage with legislators and regulators seeking a safe and caring NHS patient transport system to meet the needs of the young and the elderly.

They will meet under The Chatham House Rule, the protocol on confidentiality which enables politicians and diplomats to have what they describe as ‘full and frank discussions’ without disclosing who said what to whom and when. Final reports will be pre-approved by the full membership before being published in the Society’s name.

Davis told Earl Howe that he hoped getting cross sector decision makers to talk openly with one another would “remove one of the most important barriers to genuine collaboration between all providers of the nation’s ambulance services…..this can only be in all patients’ best interests.”

The “think tank” is named The Larrey Society after Dominique Jean Larrey (7th July 1766 – 25th July 1842), the French surgeon in Napoleon’s army and an innovator in battlefield medicine. To many he was the “father” of the modern day ambulance service.

Davis said: “Larrey was a visionary whose wisdom is very much needed now in the debate on the future pivotal role of NHS patient transport services. The Society has been formed to revive his memory and also inspire the current leaders to follow in his footsteps to ensure all patients’ PTS needs are met.”

Membership is open to individuals with a current or previous direct managerial experience in the public, independent or voluntary ambulance services or relevant healthcare organisation and who wish to contribute and share their views and ideas for shaping the future of patient transport services.

There is no annual membership subscription fee but members attending events will pay a fee to cover the cost of the meal.

On March 10 the society announced the appointment of a leading research company DJS Research Ltd of Stockport, Cheshire to help develop strategic projects and campaigns designed to seek the views and ideas of its members and the wider healthcare community on a fit for purpose 21st century ambulance service.

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