Charity run Simpsons Special Care Babies (SSCB) receives Neonatal Transporter+ Trolley

Wednesday, 17 September, 2014


Simpsons Special Care Babies (SSCB) in Edinburgh has taken delivery of a short wheel base Neonatal Transporter+ Trolley, manufactured by Birmingham based ParAid Medical.

The latest Neonatal Transporter+ Trolley, will replace the original trolley supplied by ParAid and will be located at Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh  to help cater for the specialist medical needs and smooth transfer of new born babies. It is lightweight and can fit longitudinally and across the bulkhead of an ambulance, for intensive care neonatal transport by road (allowing for twins to also be transported) and has been designed to accommodate the latest neonatal transport equipment.

Simpsons Special Care Babies (SSCB), based in Edinburgh, are a small charity run by volunteers; dedicated to the care of premature or sick new born babies and provide support of their families. They support the Neonatal Unit based in the "Simpsons" maternity unit (formerly the Simpson Memorial Maternity Pavilion), part of the New Royal Infirmary Of Edinburgh.

ParAid Medical have been established over 20 years and specialise in providing a variety of safety solutions for the road and air ambulance industry and pre-hospital care sectors.

Darryl Smith, Operations Director ParAid Medical said: “Safety, usability and functionality are essential requirements from a neonatal intensive care transport trolley. Working with the clinical team at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, we understand that these key features are integral in keeping very young patients safe and we always keep safety in mind when developing, designing and manufacturing our trolley products.  It is a privilege to be a regular supplier of intensive care transport products to The Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, which allow hospital teams to continue to save lives and keep all patients safe during transfers both on and off-site.”

Sandi Wilkie Chair of SSCB said: “The ability to purchase this tremendously important equipment is one of the highlights of nearly 30 years of charitable support to ill newborn babies born in Edinburgh. Although a small Edinburgh-based charity made up entirely of volunteers, state of the art equipment purchases such as the new ParAid Transport incubator have been priorities for our fundraising and the many sponsored events created by parents and friends.

We know the new transport system design has been the result of close collaboration between ParAid and the Neonatal Transport Team with ParAid staff being exemplary in translating both detailed instructions and mere suggestions into the finished product.  We are told all the life-saving and life-support equipment will be installed in the coming weeks and then the trolley will start to support the lives of ill and preterm babies in their transfer between Neonatal Units. SSCB thanks all who have been involved in fundraising and the ParAid team for their skills and expertise.  We are delighted to help.”

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