New Non-Executive Directors join Board of Welsh Ambulance Service

Monday, 14 April, 2014

Pam Hall (L-R), Moawia Bin-Sufyan, Martin Woodford, Mick Giannasi, Mark Drakeford, Bernardine Rees, David Scott, Emrys Davies, Jennie Allport and James Mycroft. PICTURE: Helen Turner.

The Welsh Ambulance Service has welcomed a new team of Non-Executive Directors to its Trust Board.

Five are brand new additions and two are reappointments, and all were appointed by Health Minister Mark Drakeford following a rigorous three-month recruitment process.

Today (Thursday, April 10),they met Mr Drakeford at the Trust’s regional office in Cwmbran, where they are taking part in a two-day induction programme.

Elwyn Price-Morris, Chief Executive of the Welsh Ambulance Service, said: “Non-Executive Directors have an integral and crucial role to play in the governance of the Trust and in helping to set its future direction.

“We look forward to the new and valuable insights that will be brought to the table and the impressive and extensive mix of skills and knowledge that will be added to the Board and organisation.”

The Trust Board at the Welsh Ambulance Service is comprised of; the Chairman and Non-Executive Directors, the Chief Executive and Executive Directors and Trade Union representatives, all of whom work collectively as the Board.

Non-Executive Directors are appointed by the Health Minister and bring independent judgement and a range of financial, legal, commercial or corporate governance expertise to the Board.

They will work with their Executive Director colleagues to develop strategy, policy and ensure sound governance, and ensure the Trust delivers services and performs effectively at a strategic and operational level.

Trust Chairman Mick Giannasi, who led the appointment process, said: “We had more than 60 applicants for these posts, so it was fair to say the competition was healthy.  The opportunity to choose a brand new team of Non-Executive Directors from scratch was an exciting one.

“We have chosen people with real passion and commitment and with wide-ranging backgrounds too. We are confident they will complement each other well and work hard to take the Welsh Ambulance Service forward through this period of reform.”

Health Minister Mark Drakeford added:  “These appointments will bring new and valuable insights to the Board and will add to the mix of skills and knowledge within the team.

“The diverse backgrounds and experiences harnessed here will be particularly relevant given the challenges that lie ahead, and I welcome the new appointees to their roles.”

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