New ambulance framework ‘pioneering landmark’ - IAA

Monday, 07 April, 2014

The Independent Ambulance Association today welcomed the launch of the new framework for urgent care transport as a “pioneering landmark” towards the development of a 21st century ambulance service.

It covers 30 lots across the UK and comprises 42 providers which include both NHS trusts and IAA member companies and according to the framework organisers 13 CCGs are in the pipeline with a variety of needs.

“This framework is an important innovation which for the first time allows public and private ambulance providers to compete on equal terms. It is a pioneering landmark designed to meet the urgent care needs for a modern ambulance service”, said David Davis, IAA Director.

Created by a private company, 365 Response Limited, the framework is Led and hosted by NHS SBS. It has been developed to ease the current pressures on the NHS ambulance resources by offering patients a dedicated service bookable by their referring clinician.

It is designed to deal with mental health and renal patients, end of life transfers, inter-hospital transfers and discharges and meet GPs same-day urgent needs; it is not a patient transport or a 999 service.

Dr Chris Jones, 365 Medical Director said that that the framework supported different treatment pathways based on ‘collect, wait and return’ and would reduce delays for an ambulance requested for a patient by a GP.

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