YAS Jobs

Wednesday, 15 January, 2014


Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust is creating new jobs within its 999 emergency service across Yorkshire and the Humber.

Last year alone, there are now 110 new A&E emergency service staff including 50 already recruited during the last seven months. The additional investment forms part of the Trust’s A&E Workforce Plan for the next five years, which contains a series of detailed changes, but mainly focuses upon significantly increasing its number of qualified paramedics and retaining its tier of paramedics with additional clinical skills.

There are now 70 more paramedics working in the region compared to a year ago and the Plan will see a further 150 paramedics developed in the organisation over the next three years which underpins the Trust’s commitment to further improving quality and safety.

The additional staff will ensure that the Service continues to deliver the best possible clinical outcomes for patients and achieves a sustainable level of performance in response to emergencies. In addition, the Trust plans to open up a broad range of fully-funded training opportunities for hundreds of staff over the five-year period which will be delivered through higher education institutions within Yorkshire. This will also enable the Trust to offer opportunities to existing staff to progress to more senior roles in the future, as well as ensuring that they are given the best possible opportunity to up-skill to become paramedics.

Commenting on the increase in frontline A&E staff, Chief Executive David Whiting said: “We have worked extremely hard to produce the right A&E Workforce Plan for the Trust over the next five years. The investment that we are making in frontline emergency staff will further improve the quality and safety of the services we provide to our patients.”

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