IAA elects 3 new directors

Tuesday, 18 June, 2013

The Independent Ambulance Association announced today that in a membership election the following have been appointed directors, filling existing vacancies on the board:


  • Ali Hashim Managing Director, BEARS (British Emergency Ambulance Response Service)

A trained ‘blue light’ ambulance driver Ali is the owner/manager of BEARS which was established in 2009.  Additionally he brings to the Board experience in business management and marketing;


  • Kate Lawson Business Manager, NSL Care Services

Having worked for 15 years in NHS estates and facilities management Kate entered the private ambulance industry in 2006 and is responsible for leading the commercial team at NSL Health

  • Phillip Warren Director, Finance & Administration, Manchester Medical Services

Co-owner and co-founder of MMS which was formed in 2006, Phil is responsible for sales and finance with a focus on training and quality control.

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