New generation of ambulance cadets goes on parade

Friday, 24 May, 2013

Instructor Jayne Radford


A group of schoolchildren in Wiltshire have become the first in England to be recruited into a new cadet scheme launched by a private ambulance company.

Every Tuesday evening up to 30 boys and girls go on parade at their headquarters on a business park in Swindon to spend two hours learning about first aid and taking part in team-building exercises.

Modelled on a scheme in Canada, which was started more than 50 years ago, the Wolverest Emergency Service Cadets is proving so popular since it was started less than a year ago that the idea is now being taken into local schools.

It’s the brainchild of two former soldiers, ex Sgt Gary Cotterill, who served 15 years in the Royal Army Medical Corps and Jayne Radford, a retired captain in the Army Intelligence Corps, who during the day run the Wolverest Group, an expanding private ambulance business specialising in patient transport and medical event support services as well as healthcare training for local companies.

Joining this new generation of first aid cadets costs each youngster £35 for which they get a branded polo shirt, a personal first aid kit and access to the Wolverest E-Learning programme, plus a further £4 a week for attending the training programme.

“The EMS cadet scheme has given the children a new dimension to their conventional education as well as the opportunity to leave school with an additional qualification; the team building aspects help build self-confidence and leadership qualities, all of which will be assets as they grow up” says Jayne, the group’s business development and HR director.

Wolverest is a member of the Independent Ambulance Association, the leading trade association for private companies regulated by the Government’s Care Quality Commission.

David Davis, IAA Director says: “The creation of Wolverest Emergency Service Cadets is an innovative scheme with obvious educational and character building benefits for youngsters in the local community and we will be encouraging other member companies to extend it across England.”

For further details please contact Gary or Jayne either via email at or telephone 08006899168

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