Staffordshire running paramedic receives "QAM"

Thursday, 23 May, 2013

Staffordshire “Running Paramedic” Ray Edensor received his QAM (Queens Ambulance award) at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday the 21st may,

Ray is the only 4th ambulance personnel in the whole of the country ever, to receive the highest award in the ambulance service.

The QAM is award to any NHS Ambulance personnel, who have made a difference to patient’s life’s plus good clinical/caring and experience in the ambulance service. (See department of health website) and an exemplary career spanning over 30 years.

Ray said “this is a great boost to the town of Stafford, we have all gone through some terrible times in Stafford with the damming report on Stafford hospital, and the hospital closing at night. I am very proud of my town, I have run all over the world and Staffordshire is still the best place to be. In my service I have seen some heart breaking tragedies having also served on the Air ambulance as an advanced paramedic. This is very nice to be awarded this medal, but I receive this medal, for every ambulance personnel, who are there for patient’s every day of the year. You really don’t know how much people relay on the ambulance service. And in all weathers we will, get to you. That is something to very proud of”  

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