Training exercises hailed a success

Thursday, 12 May, 2011

What does the first paramedic do when they arrive first at the scene of a major road traffic collision and how do they decide what patient needs to be treated first and what does the first fire appliance do when they pull up at a road traffic collision?

These are some of the questions that were put into practice at two recent road traffic collision exercises held by the East of England Ambulance Service and their colleagues at Hertfordshire Fire & Rescue Service. The aim of the two exercises was to promote good working practice and to obtain a better understanding of how both services work together at multi-vehicle road traffic collisions.

Gary Sanderson, Communications Manager for EEAST, who co-ordinated the ambulance response at the exercises said: "First and foremost the two exercises held went exceptionally well and our paramedics learnt a great deal from our colleagues in the fire service." Gary added: "Both drills we took part in gave our crews the opportunity to gain further experience about triage, patient assessment, partnership working and command and control at a large scale road collision."

Keith Emsall, Hertfordshire County Council's Executive Member for Community Safety, said: "Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service is committed to improving safety for people living, working and travelling in the county. Exercises like these give our crews the chance to test the way they deal with road traffic collisions, as well as build on our good working relationships with the other emergency services. I would like to thank Hertford Red Watch Commander Paul Shilston for organising these very successful exercises."

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