St John Ambulance responds to planned workplace health & safety changes

Wednesday, 23 March, 2011

Richard Evens, commercial training director said:

"The latest set of changes to workplace health and safety guidance aim to ease some of the administrative burden often faced by businesses. But employers should avoid interpreting the reduction in inspections as a reason to lose focus on workplace safety. It's vital that all employers make the necessary efforts to ensure their health and safety provision is up-to-scratch in terms of both primary and secondary planning, or they will face severe consequences, now potentially including the costs of inspection.

We urge employers to take this opportunity to make sure that they are not only minimising the chances of injury for their employees, but they have the trained and equipped personnel in place to respond when accidents do occur.

We've seen the impact that poor health and safety practices can have on a business, be it financial, reputational or even worse, at the cost of someone's life. By training more than the regulatory minimum of staff in first aid, employers can not only ensure they are meeting regulatory requirements, but reducing dangerous gaps and increasing employee safety."

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