New neonatal transport service

Monday, 31 January, 2011

A dedicated fast response neonatal transport service for South Wales and improvements to services in North Wales were introduced last month.

The transport service is part of £2million from the Welsh Assembly Government to
improve specialist care for babies in Wales. The 12-hours-a-day service - run by the all-Wales neonatal network and supported by the Welsh Ambulance services
NHS Trust and local health boards - will mean ill and premature babies can be
moved quickly between units if necessary to get the right level of care.

The Minister recently announced extra staff have been recruited for neonatal
services. An additional six consultants have been appointed in South Wales and
an additional consultant has been appointed for North Wales with recruitment
underway for another.

As well as the new medical staff, six neonatal nurses have been appointed in
South Wales and 2.75 whole time equivalents have been appointed in North

A new clinical information system has also gone live this month. For the first
time, standardised clinical information will be collected for all babies in Wales requiring special, high dependency or intensive care throughout their stay in hospital.

Wales will be the first country to use the most up to date and extended system,
which provides a range of clinical benefits.

Mrs Hart said: "The Welsh Assembly Government remains committed to ensuring
that neonatal services are improved to ensure the best outcomes possible for the most vulnerable babies and their families. "Significant progress has already been made in driving forward improvements for sick and premature babies. "The transport service will be evaluated in six months to see how well it meets clinical needs.

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