"Little Bernie" on the road for Ferno UK

Friday, 08 October, 2010

Ferno UK's "Little Bernie" out on the road

Ferno UK is taking its latest products on the road - literally - with the launch of a fully fitted ambulance to showcase innovation in situ.

The idea came from Ferno NHS Ambulance Trusts who wanted a solution that allowed them to evaluate and consider the Ferno range of products in a realistic setting. The concept of "Little Bernie" was borne - named affectionately after a long serving employee Bernard Murphy.

A bespoke ambulance was ordered and the transformation into a Ferno-ladened emergency vehicle took around 6 weeks.

Already on the road with a packed marketing & sales calendar planned out, Little Bernie is making its mark with visits to private ambulance customers and Voluntary Aid Societies around the UK, clocking up an impressive 7,000 miles in just a few months.

The list of Ferno equipment on board and available for demonstration includes: the
Harrier XL (although the Ferno Trolley can be fitted to suit the specific needs of the potential customer), Compact 2 Carry Chair, EZ Glide 59t Evacuation Chair, KEDs both standard and the new KED XT, paramedic bags, Frac Immobilisers, Vacuum Splints, Wiz Loc Extrication Collars, Orthopaedic Scoop Stretcher, Longboard, Universal Head Immobiliser, Comprehensive Burns Kit, accessories for Oxygen Therapy and IV Fluids.

"Little Bernie" has also been the star attraction at exhibitions such as Ambulex and the British Red Cross Supporting Ambulance Conference.

Ferno Sales & Marketing Director Simon Shepherd explains: "The customers were the main drivers behind the idea and Little Bernie is marked in such a way with the company's corporate colours it can't be confused with a front line ambulance. However, should we ever come across an emergency, our sales team would be able to administer first aid so this vehicle is more than just a showpiece, it's fully functional as far as our equipment is concerned."

"Little Bernie allows us to present the product in a professional way to the client and ensures the products can be transported in safely and securely - exactly what any ambulance user would expect." he added.

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