Ambulance in laser attack

Friday, 08 October, 2010

Chris Otterburn

A green laser beam blinded a Paramedic when he was on an emergency call-out in Skelmersdale, Lancashire.

Chris Otterburn, 38, from Croston near Leyland in Lancashire, heading out of Skelmersdale ambulance station to treat an assault victim when a bright light dazzled him. What he describes as a sunburst of green laser beams lit up the ambulance cab as Chris turned out of the station car park and struck his left eye, leaving him completely blind for a few minutes. When his sight returned, although still blurry, he and his crew mate managed to continue their journey to help the patient who needed them.

Speaking of the incident Chris said: "It was completely random and surprising. I didn't quiet comprehend what was happening at the time. I can only describe it as like looking into a really bright light and seeing vivid yellow circles. I imagined my left eye would have improved by now, but weeks on there is no difference - it feels like there is a film over my eye.

"I don't think people realise there are only a few ambulances to cover an area and there isn't an unlimited supply of paramedics so when one is out of action it can put lives at risk. I was unable to respond to emergency calls for an hour and a half after this hap

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