Miracle baby meets her hero

Thursday, 16 September, 2010

Hayley, Cassey, Lisa and Keira

A baby girl who defied the odds of survival when she was born earlier this year has finally met up with the call handler who saved her life.

Bedford HEOC's Hayley Cranwell received a call just after 10.30pm on February 19, to a woman in labour. After talking to the expectant father Sean Kiff, it was apparent to Hayley that the delivery was going to be a difficult one as the patient was suffering with cord prolapse.

Sean was given instructions by Hayley to assist his wife who by now was in extreme pain and bleeding heavily. Whilst the crew were en route from St Albans, Hayley remained calm and kept Sean talking and gave him lots of reassurance. By now the delivery was imminent and both parents were very concerned about their baby.

Paramedics Karen Webb and Tony Stone rushed Lisa to an awaiting midwifery team at the Luton & Dunstable Hospital where Keira was born safely weighing 5Ib 40z. The consultants at the hospital asked Sean and Lisa to name their newborn little girl "miracle" as they thought she wasn't going to survive. Following a blood transfusion and several days in hospital, Lisa and baby Keira were allowed home.

On Monday, Hayley made a special visit to meet up with the Kiff family at their Harpenden home. Hayley said: "It was a very emotional afternoon. Both Keira and Lisa look so well and have both made a full recovery. I am so pleased this incident turned out a very happy one, I am very proud and happy to know that I made a difference."

Sean added: "If it wasn't for Hayley's remaining cool and calm on the night, I don't know what would have happened. The service my family got from the ambulance service was fantastic. The crew who took Lisa to hospital were brilliant, I cannot thank them all enough for what they did."

One of the Trust's communications managers Gary Sanderson, who arranged and attended the meet up said: "Both Hayley and the Kiff family spent nearly two hours talking about the night Keira entered the world. At times it was quite touching and I firmly believe that Lisa and Sean will never forget Hayley as she no doubt saved their daughters life."

Bedford HEOC assistant general manager Simon King, praised Hayley's actions: " We are very proud to have Hayley amongst our team of call handlers and she is thoroughly committed to her role and very capable. She is just one example from our team who are committed to delivering the best possible service to their callers, well done."

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