Celebrity Adventurer Launches St John Wales' First Motorbike

Friday, 26 March, 2010

International motorcycle adventurer Charley Boorman officially launched the first St John Cymru Wales ambulance motorbike at its headquarters in Cardiff Bay yesterday (March 25).

The travel writer, who has circled the world several times over, took time out of his busy 30-date tour to check out St John Wales latest lifesaving tool. Charley said the 1200cc BMW motorbike, carrying lifesaving first aid equipment, will help save countless lives.

Charley, a keen motorcyclist, was delighted to show his support in launching the responder bike, he said: "It's fantastic because it can get to places quicker and can avoid traffic if there's been a big crash. I think it's really necessary to have a motorbike in the fleet of St John Ambulance in Wales.

"The more bikes that are put into St John Wales, the more lives can be saved as a result," he said.

The bike will be a vital asset to St John Wales and will enable volunteers to respond to incidents ranging from cardiac arrested to accidents in remote rural areas.

The bike is verstile enough to be used to reach emergency incidents in heavy traffic and congested areas it can transport blood samples and essential medical documents to and from hospitals.

After five years of fundraising efforts, the Cardiff City Division was able to purchase the £15,000 bike thanks to public donations and BMW contributing half its retail price.

Anthony Hughes, a member of Cardiff City Division, will be providing first aid cover with the motorbike at the forthcoming London Marathon on April 25.

He said the bike will enable St John Wales to treat casualties' at large public events. "It's fantastic in heavy traffic and is extremely manoeuvrable making it suitable for park environments such as marathons," he said.

"It is safer in heavy traffic and can access areas which a normal ambulance may struggle to get to."

The fist aid equipment on the bike includes defibrillators, oxygen cylinders, bandages and dressings.

Keith Dunn, chief executive of St John Wales, said: "We're absolutely delighted that Charley was able to join us in the launch of our first specialist motorbike for St John in Wales. This motorcycle will make a real difference to the community and could even save lives."

St John Wales is hoping to have a fleet of ambulance motorbikes and is currently fundraising to make this happen. If you would like to support motorbike appeal please call Michaela James on 02920 449629 or visit


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