A healthy future for recently formed UKMR

Friday, 19 March, 2010

Melanie de Mariveles, UKMR's Commercial Director

UK Medical Response is already winning major business contracts despite only being founded towards the end of 2009!
The future is very positive for UK Medical Response (UKMR), after a launch at the end of 2009. The independent ambulance service provider has made great strides to improve the already successful service it provides to NHS Ambulance Services as well as other NHS and non NHS purchasers.

Daniel Gore, previously one of the A&E Service Delivery Directors for West Midlands Ambulance Service who joined the company in January, has been working hard since then to bring an even higher level of professionalism and clinical excellence to the organisation.

Daniel commented, "As soon as UKMR approached me about joining them, it took me a very short time to agree. It's a challenging job in a market I have served for most of my working life and the services offered by UKMR are exceptional."
UKMR also have in place the respected services of Dr Mark Nash, as their Medical Director.

Mark's main responsibility is to ensure that UKMR's organisation maintains the highest level of clinical care, which it has already been able to demonstrate on several occasions since it's reasonably new inception. UKMR are currently recruiting a full time Clinical Leadership and Governance Manager to assist with this work stream.
Training and development advice is currently being provided by Emstar LLP. Emstar has been providing accredited training and trainers to both the NHS and the independent ambulance sector for the last five years. They have a wealth of experience in both clinical and driver training and are well placed to support UK MR in achieving its organisational development goals.

UKMR Chief Executive, Paul Clulow said, "Our overwhelming aim is to work in partnership with our staff and our clients in order to provide the highest level of service and patient care. Our guiding principles are to make sure we have the right staff with the right skills and experience, in the right place at the right time and that our services provided, are at the very least, of equal quality as those provided directly by the NHS. Existing standards and legislation are consistently enforced across our organisation and we are capable of changing our own methods and needs when the industry requirements change in this constantly evolving industry sector."

Melanie de Mariveles, UKMR's Commercial Director is delighted with the early progress of the company. "We have come such a long way in our first 6 months and certainly learned a few hard lessons, which will only benefit us moving forward. We already have two company bases, one here is Surrey and another in the West Midlands. We have very strong financial foundations and these have allowed us to invest strongly, but sensibly, in our structure and fleet.

Already we have over 30 vehicles in our continually growing fleet. Over 25 of our vehicles are fully operational Ambulances with all the latest requirements and technology fitted. We also have seven RRV's (Rapid Response Vehicles) in the group's fleet."

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