Ann to the rescue!

Friday, 12 February, 2010

Ann with her certificate, EMT Jenny Solender and store deputy manager Paul Butterworth.

A customer care assistant has been commended by paramedics for her prompt actions and assistance when a customer was taken suddenly ill during February.

Ambulance crews from Cheshunt and Hoddesdon were called to the canteen area of Sainsbury's in Hoddesdon, to a report of a woman collapsed. Emergency medical technician Jenny Solender was first at the scene, she said: "When I arrived I was greeted by Ann who was the duty first aider for the day. She gave me a precise account of the patients conditions and she believed the woman was having a heart attack."

With the assistance of her colleagues from Cheshunt, the woman was stabilised and treated for a heart attack. She was then rushed to the PPCI department at the Lister hospital in Stevenage. Several days later the patient was discharged back home in Wormley and has made a remarkable recovery.

A very proud Ann said: "I am very glad I made the right call as the woman did not want me to call for an ambulance, and to see the woman back in the store doing her shopping is amazing."

Paul Butterworth , deputy manager for the Hoddesdon Sainsbury's branch said: "Everyone here at Hoddesdon are very proud indeed of Ann's actions. She always remains cool and calm in a crisis and we are so pleased she has been recognised by the ambulance service for what she had done."

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