Bright ideas shining success

Monday, 29 June, 2009

The Bright Idea of one member of staff at South Central Ambulance Service
NHS Trust (SCAS) has developed into a scheme to help all members of staff put forward their ideas for service improvement.

The 'Bright Ideas Scheme' put together by Paramedic Naomi Cummings, based in
Oxford, provides staff with a guide on how they can make the case for a new idea and how they can access the support needed to make that idea a reality. The scheme, which was launched, as a pilot in September 2008 has already been a resounding success with the first Bright Idea now coming in to fruition Technician, Ian McDonald, based in Kidlington, noticed that several crew mates on his station had purchased handy clip on torches. These proved to be a really useful piece of kit - one member of staff cannulated a patient and decompressed their chest while upside down in a vehicle! - and Ian thought it would be a bright idea for all staff to be issued with them.

So, having made his case, the idea was approved and now 1400 torches are in the
process of being issued to staff across SCAS. The torches are all labelled as part of the Bright Ideas scheme, as an extra reminder to staff that there is a great platform through which they can launch their ideas. New ideas are already being put forward as a result.

Tehmeena Ajmal, Head of Service Improvement and lead on SCAS's Continuous
Improvement programme said: "The best place to go for innovative ideas for improving any service is to the people delivering that service. SCAS has a fantastic pool of enthusiastic and experienced staff with many ideas to contribute. The Bright Ideas Scheme will help staff to put those ideas forward and make them reality, which is great for staff and great for the service."

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