First Silicone Finger Oximeter

Tuesday, 14 April, 2009


The VM-2105 is the market's first silicone
finger oximeter, and has been designed to meet the market's most demanding challenges.

What really sets the VM-2105 apart from others in the market is the patented soft silicone housing which offers superior comfort and fit; allowing for a more accurate and reliable reading.

The VM-2105 has no hinge assembly to break, creating an extremely robust unit. Because of this unique design the unit can be cleaned effectively, making it extremely hygienic and ideal for the
emergency rescue situations.

The VM-2105 uses 12 bit processing, giving a fast 'true reading' response, and combined with the innovative directional emitter technology results in an improved signal-to-noise ratio; providing a finger oximeter that performs accurately even in cases of low perfusion.

The VM-2105 also features the superior clear and bright, colour OLED display, which can be adjusted in brightness, offering unrivalled clarity in even the
most difficult of lighting conditions. This display has the added advantage that it can be viewed in four rotations, making it easy to use on casualties that are difficult to access fully. This superior display has two formats; large digits or digits combined with a large,
clear useable Pleth waveform, and also features a colour coded signal quality and signal strength indicator, providing the operator with valuable information
regarding the signal the oximeter is receiving.

All Viamed oximeters are tested to comply with ISO 9919:2005 standards and in accordance with FDA guidelines.

• For further information, please contact:
Sarah Wilford,Viamed Ltd on (0)1535 63452 or visit

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