Best results ever for NHS Foundation Trusts

Thursday, 16 October, 2008

Official figures (15th October) confirm that Foundation Trusts are providing some of the best care in the country. 89% of foundation trusts scored excellent or good for the quality of their services and 90% were judged to be excellent in their use of resources. 38 of the 89 foundation trusts authorised by the end of March 2008 were judged to be excellent in both categories.

Quality is a top commitment for Foundation Trusts. Their boards of directors are making quicker and smarter decisions which directly benefit patients and service users. Foundation Trust members, and the governors representing them, are ensuring that patients and the public are involved in improving services in the foundation trust and in the local community.

Commenting on the Annual Health Check, Sue Slipman, Director of the Foundation Trust Network said:

"These results are the best yet for foundation trusts. They give us official proof of what we have seen working in practice - that the Foundation Trust model really does work and it is proving its worth. Foundation Trusts are demonstrably leaders in the NHS. They are on their way to driving improvement and transforming performance in acute and mental health organisations up and down the country."

The statistics are a roll call of excellence for Foundation Trusts. These results are proof that Foundation Trusts are taking the NHS in a new direction:

• 90% of FTs have fully met the core standards

• 88% have fully met existing national targets

• 93% scored excellent or good for new national targets

• 38 of the 42 'double excellent' trusts are Foundation Trusts

• 12 trusts have been double excellent for two years in a row - they are all Foundation Trusts

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