Police officers deliver baby in back of car

Tuesday, 05 February, 2008

Two Blackburn based police officers delivered a baby in the back of a car after the mother became stuck in a traffic jam.

PC Mark Greenhalgh and PC Damian Coupe brought the 6lb 9oz baby girl into the world with assistance from the ambulance service over the phone.

PC Greenhalgh said "When we found out that a lady had gone into labour on the back seat of a car we asked for an ambulance, but that had got stuck in the traffic. When we got to her car, she was actually having the baby. We used the oxygen and first aid kit which was kept on board the police vehicle and let nature do the rest. I think it is the first and last baby that I will be delivering."

PC Coupe added: "The baby was born in within minutes of us arriving. I was pleased for both parents and glad we could help."

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