Housing Options London Affordable Homes Show - 17th October 2008

Falling house prices and rising rents have created nervous times for first-time
buyers, including key workers, such as police officers, teachers and nurses.
However, more and more people are taking advantage of shared ownership
schemes such as New Build HomeBuy, an alternative, affordable and secure
way to get on the property ladder, particularly in London.

Prospective homebuyers can find out more at the 2008 Housing Options
London Affordable New Homes Show. Now in its third year, this popular
event will again take place at the centrally located New Connaught Rooms, 61
- 65 Great Queen Street, Covent Garden, WC2B 5DA, from 12 noon - 8pm
on Friday 17th of October 2008.

This free event, organised by Housing Options - jointly delivered by London
HomeBuy agents MHO and Tower Homes - will give key workers living and
working in London access to over 30 housing associations offering low cost
home ownership in the capital.

Despite a cooling property market, first-time buyers continue to struggle to
buy their dream home, as lenders tighten their belts and make it harder to get
a mortgage.

In addition, a significant affordability gap still exists between buyers' average
incomes and average property prices. Indeed, the recent Home Truths 2008
report from the National Housing Federation confirms a typical home in
London in 2007 was 14.2 times local salaries.

Graeme Moran, Managing Director at MHO, said: "It is vital to our essential
services that key workers are able to lay down roots in London and the South

"The Housing Options London Affordable New Homes Show will showcase
the thousands of affordable new homes and other home ownership solutions
available across the capital, suitable for single people, young couples and
families alike. It will provide low to middle income earners and key workers
with a one-stop opportunity to shop for a home they can afford even when the
current market appears unfriendly."

Steve Nunn, Director of sales at Tower Homes, said: "More and more people
are turning to New Build HomeBuy as a more secure and affordable method
of climbing the home ownership ladder.

"The part-buy, part-rent option helps a wide range of homebuyers who are
marginalised in the current market, and who might otherwise have given up
hope of being able to buy in London. It provides people with an alternative
way to get on the property ladder at a lower initial cost. This is vital in ensuring we continue to build sustainable, mixed communities for the future."

People who are trying to get a foot on the property ladder but are unable to
attend the event, can log on and register their details at www.housingoptions.co.uk

Housing Options receives just under 2,000 applications for New Build
HomeBuy per month. The website matches prospective customers with high
quality apartments and houses for sale on a part-buy, part-rent basis.
New Build HomeBuy is available to both key workers and non-key workers
with a household income of less than £60,000.

For further information about affordable home ownership opportunities across
the capital, visit www.housingoptions.co.uk or telephone 0845 230 8099

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