Unique internet based catalogue from Critical Healthcare

Critical Healthcare Ltd are pleased to announce the launch of their Duramedic™ range of Emergency Medical Products. Their innovative new internet based catalogue at www.duramedic.eu

The ground-breaking Duramedic™ catalogue features a unique catalogue style interface which allows the customer to browse, zoom and turn pages on screen as you would a normal printed catalogue, but still remains fully searchable. The comprehensive catalogue includes sections on Splinting & Immobilisation, Airway & Oxygen, I.V. Supplies, Medical Bags, Diagnostics, Infection Control, Clothing, First Aid, Patient Handling, Personal Equipment and Resuscitation.

Duramedic's initial product offering contains an impressive list of well established brands (including Stryker, 3M, Smith & Nephew, Sager, MDI, Littman, Omron, Waterjel, Inova, SAM, Leatherman, Ambu, Bullard, EP&R, Stat-Packs, Guest, Microflex, Junkin BCI and Pneupac) alongside many cost effective own brand medical bags, spineboards, clothing and splints.

Critical Healthcare's range of Duramedic™ products is expected to grow rapidly. Emphasis will be placed on their underlying commitment to providing Quality, Value & Choice.

For further information you can contact Critical Healthcare by calling 00 353 79 333 111 or alternatively visit their website at www.duramedic.eu

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