Swine Flu Health Protection Kit

In the second week of September there were an estimated 3000 new cases of Swine Flu in the UK adding to the hundreds of thousands of cases already reported. With a second wave of infections predicted for this November, Swine Flu is on everyones mind.

SP Services, the UK's leading International Supplier of Medical, First Aid, Ambulance Paramedic and Emergency Rescue have been using this time to prepare protective and hygiene equipment for the increased demand these outbreaks will cause.

As well as the complete Swine Flu Health Protection kit which includes a mask, goggles, coverall, gloves and disinfectant, SP also have on stock a wide range of sanitizing products.

SP Services are now the exclusive UK suppliers of the new BioMask. Unlike conventional masks, BioMask's revolutionary, patented technology actually traps and kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses on contact rather than just filtering and while still allowing you to breathe normally:

• Traps and kills 99.9% of harmful germs
• Superior breathability & comfort
• Self-sanitizing for all day wear, up to 12 hours
• Reduces cross-contamination of hands and surfaces

The BioMask traps microbes by mimicking the sites on human cells to which they normally attach, then, destroys them by disrupting their surfaces (viruses) or cell walls (bacteria). If you have any questions, comment or special requests. Our friendly customer services team will be happy to help.

Web: www.bio-mask.co.uk

Tel: 01952 288 999

Fax: 01952 606 112

Email: sales@spservices.co.uk

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