Oridion Microstream Capnography - Every Breath Counts

PROACT Medical are the UK's official distributor of Oridion's World leading Microstream Capnography products. Microstream Capnography offers a crisp, accurate, diagnostic capable waveform for intubated and non-intubated patients -giving you complete confidence in your patient's ventilatory status.

Capnography is a proven method of monitoring real time ventilatory status - not to be confused with the perfusion monitoring capabilities of pulse oximetry. It may be surprising, that many organisations have already purchased capnography but don't use it or benefit from it as they're not trained in it's use.

Because of this, PROACT and Oridion are offering a free of charge Paramedic Capnography Education Scheme for UK Ambulance Services.

This proven online scheme provides a detailed introduction to Capnography, how it can be used for intubated and non-intubated patients and explains it's key diagnostic capabilities. The scheme is designed to eventually lead to paramedic certification and registration, acting as an on-going qualification in the use of Capnography.

This Certification Scheme has been developed with the London Ambulance Service NHS Trust, who are the world's first ambulance service to take part. In fact, after the initial trial period L.A.S. have now made the scheme compulsory for all new paramedics.

Capnography is a vital monitoring tool - for details on the training schemes, or for information on our Capnography range, contact PROACT on 0870 909 7400, e-mail sales@proactmedical.co.uk

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