New iPAD SP2 Defibrillator. Should you believe the hype?

Following the success of the iPAD SP1 AED, WEL Medical will be launching it's big brother, the iPAD SP2 at 'Life Connections' in Kettering (16th & 17th May).

It's claimed that the new iPAD SP2 will be 'more than just an AED with screen and manual override', but what does this actually mean? Lets take a look at what it has to offer and see if the strap line 'Redefine Your Expectations' is just another marketing line, or if it actually stands up!

To start with the iPAD SP2 incorporates all of the features of the iPAD SP1 that have helped it grow in popularity to be one of the leading AED's on the market today. Features such as one set of pads for both adults and children, an ambient noise detector to measure the background noise and adjust the volume of the voice prompts, large internal memory for data and an SD card slot - which allows the data to be copied from the internal memory with a single button press. The new iPAD SP2 builds upon this base. A high quality colour screen displays all of the relevant information such as time, energy level, shocks delivered etc. along with lead II ECG trace, and visual guides if in AED mode. When switched to manual mode the iPAD SP2 allows full energy selection (from 2 joules). From this point on, the iPAD SP2 starts to head towards being in a class of it's own. 3 lead ECG reading can be acquired via a Bluetooth wireless device. Simply place the standard electrodes on the patient and the iPAD SP2 will display the ECG trace on its screen without needing to be physically attached to the patient. A shock can be delivered if required without removing the ECG electrodes. A compact printer, also connected via Bluetooth, allows the ECG data to be printed immediately onto standard 25mm/sec graduated paper. Being wireless the printer can be kept wherever convenient.. it's even compact enough to go into a pocket.

The iPAD SP2 also offers 'sync' capability as standard making it a versatile device suitable for a number of different situations. WEL Medical believe that the features on the iPAD SP2 make it ideal for environments that need more than a basic AED, but don't necessarily need a high end defib/monitor. They feel that it has a place as part of a two-tier system whereby a high-end device is kept in an ambulance and an iPAD SP2 goes in a grab bag with the crew, or in rapid response cars/motorbikes. Critical Care transfer ambulances, or bariatric ambulances also present an opportunity for the iPAD SP2. In addition WEL Medical believe that there is a place for the device in lower risk wards and departments in hospitals surgical wards, maternity wards, outpatients or O.T. where the possible need for a printer or sync capability would normally mean that a more expensive high end device would be the only option.

The iPAD SP2 is powered by a choice of rechargeable or disposable battery (rechargeable and a charging dock supplied as standard). Pete Winson, Community Defibrillation Officer of East Midlands Ambulance Service said "having seen the pre-launch SP2, I feel that it most definitely has a unique place in the market and offers valuable features not currently available in other devices in its class"

The SP2 will be ready to ship by the summer.

So the big question - 'Redefine Your Expectations' - marketing speak or good advice? If the (as yet unconfirmed) starting price of under £2000 is true then the iPAD SP2 offers serious competition in a product class that has seen little development in the past few years - possibly even defining a new class.

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