New glove gives dual protection

The revolutionary new Kronit Proof 395 glove - from safety glove manufacturer, Mapa Spontex - has a unique design which gives unprecedented protection to Emergency Service workers, particularly those attending road traffic accidents, who find themselves working simultaneously with mechanical as well as oil and bio hazards.

What makes Kronit Proof 395 so different is the patented technology of superimposing two materials, allowing it to have cut resistant fibres on the outside and a waterproof nitrile layer on the in.

"Traditionally, gloves intended for simultaneous mechanical and chemical work have been manufactured the other way around, with an outer waterproofing over an inner cut resistant layer," explained Mapa Spontex's Sales Director Chris Gordon. "The problem with this is that the waterproofing is compromised by any cuts, thus exposing the wearer to dangers from leakage.

By having the cut resistant fibres on the outside, it protects the waterproofing layer and thus gives added protection to the wearer. The unique blend of cut resistant fibres and nitrile enables safe handling of objects in dry or wet environments and the gloves liquidproofing also offers high protection against oil and micro-organisms."

Recently research carried out by Mapa found that loss of dexterity and sensitivity played a major part in the reasons for not wearing gloves and Mapa has also addressed these issues with the Kronit Proof 395.

The multicoating technology used to manufacture the glove increases its flexibility, comfort and dexterity and the anatomic shape makes them easy to put on and take off.

The lifespan of Kronit Proof 395 is also significantly increased as the gloves can be laundered up to five washes at 40 degrees without compromising protection levels. Kronit Proof is suitable for heat up to 250 degrees as per EN 407.

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