New for Primary Care

Timesco is launching our first primary care catalogue produced with general practitioners, midwives, nurses and ambulance personnel in mind.

The new primary care catalogue includes our most essential items for patient care, making it a focussed guide to the most popular and advanced products from each range.

Timesco have pioneered the development of single use laryngoscope blades to provide unrivalled clinical performance. The primary care catalogue shows our most sought after single use handles, the Europa S and Callisto S - these were among the first handles to be axial and torsion load tested by the world's leading plastics testing house, RAPRA.

The Callisto 'No Touch' is the first single use blade to have a fibre optic light that not only provides optimum illumination, but has also been engineered to be out of the line of sight for the practitioner. Timesco - Redefining standards.

The new catalogue also shows the World's First Pocket Defibrillator - FRED. The size of a personal CD player, its design means it can be carried anywhere and into any situation. The device interprets the level of energy required via disposable electrodes and also provides optional visual and audible instructions that make it a truly valuable tool for all levels of primary care.

The quality of the products is guaranteed with our Lifetime Guarantee covering all our reusable instruments. With no references or receipts required, our signature logo etched onto the instrument is your guarantee of quality that assures should the instrument bend, crack, corrode or fail when used for the intended purpose, we will replace or repair it free of charge. Our commitment to quality is only exceeded by our commitment to our customers.

Timesco - Instruments for Life

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