Critical Incident Command Vehicle incorporates the latest communications technology from Primetech

Primetech has provided the very latest mobile satellite and auto-meshing wi-fi technology for a Critical Incident Command Vehicle commissioned by Kent Police.

The UK emergency services are facing ever more complex and demanding challenges.

From terrorist attacks to coping with extreme weather conditions, information needs to be relayed in real time by voice, data and video between an incident scene, control centres and emergency personnel, irrespective of location or environment.

Kent Police identified communications as one of the means of improving operational effectiveness. Critical Incident Commander, Chief Inspector Andrew Reeves explains: "We wanted to bring our communications technology in line with the increasing demands placed upon our Tactical Operations Department.

Shaving off even a few minutes of response time can make a dramatic difference to the outcome of a demanding situation.

Primetech has provided us with a custom built integrated video, voice and data communications system that can be rapidly deployed in any location, however hostile, and has a wealth of features that have not been available before."

As a result of Primetech's technology, the CIC Vehicle has the capability to establish a secure, auto-meshing wi-fi network in situations where no network is present. The wi-fi network itself is highly mobile, robust and yet simple to operate.

It remains continuously available in the harshest of environments with excellent load balancing ability and multiple power options. It also easily caters for authorised multi agency personnel and wi-fi enabled equipment to be moved in and out of an operational environment without interrupting the network.

Inside the vehicle, there is a 37" touch screen monitor for real time incident briefings and a sophisticated switching unit that allows any video service to be viewed on any screen within the vehicle, particularly useful in complex situations where a number of video streams are being monitored at the same time. The wi-fi network will then allow the video stream, whether it is from a helicopter or a body worn camera, to be distributed in real time to authorized personnel with enabled mobile data devices.

Simultaneously, Primetech's CommandIP bespoke specialist voice and video recording management software is able to automatically record any voice or video communication that is transmitted over the network.

Henry Walker, Director of Primetech, concludes:" We are delighted to have been selected to work with Kent Police and bring our technical skills to the forefront in the final design of this CIC unit. We align ourselves with industry leading manufacturers and engineers to be able to provide exceptional quality equipment and a professional service. What better use could there be for this advanced, innovative technology than working within this exciting and demanding arena. "

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