By using single use laryngoscope blades are you compromising quality for convenience?

When situations go beyond a matter of urgency, you need to know you can quickly identify your equipment and trust its performance.

Timesco offer a solution - Europa an award winning single use bulb based laryngoscope blade. Europa is a hybrid design of plastic and metal that provides a real low cost alternative to reusable laryngoscope blades but without compromising on pattern design or performance.

Europa provides the highest level of clinical performance, yet is economical enough to be disposed of between patients. The powerful bulb directs illumination towards the airway, increasing the line of sight and has been designed so the bulb does not obstruct the sight of the airway.

The tip is a rigid metal spatula that is indistinguishable in profile and design to a reusable blade. So it not only looks like a reusable blade, it feels like a reusable blade.

The strong, high impact plastic block allows low cost production, without compromising on rigidity or strength. Made to the popular ISO fitting to allow Europa blades to be used on all quality standard light handles.

Patients come in different sizes with different needs; Europa blades are available in a variety of blades including Macintosh sizes 1, 2, 3, & 4, Miller 0, 1, 2, 3 & 4 and Robertshaw 1. For convenience each blade is packaged in a clinically clean, clearly labelled pouch.

A clinical evaluation at the Royal United Hospital in Bath found Europa to be the 'best single use laryngoscope' when compared with 5 other competitive products. Europa performed best in categories for easy and difficult intubation, percentage of glottis opening and visible and minimal use of gum elastic bougie.

When it was originally launched, Europa was the only device of its kind anywhere in the world. Now it is the largest selling single use laryngoscope blade in the UK and in several countries around the world.

To order a brochure or the Europa laryngoscope system please call Timesco on 01269 297 710
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Samples for your evaluation are available from your local Timesco Territory Manager.

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