Badging Staff Meets Care Quality Commission Outcome

Since 2010 healthcare practices regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) must meet service delivery criteria including the clear identification of individual staff members.

The guidance publication entitled Essential standards of quality and safety specifies that, for providers to achieve the required standard of care and welfare of people who use their healthcare services, their users "can be confident that, wherever possible, they will know the names and job titles of the people who provide their care, treatment and support" (part of Outcome 4C).

Compliance with this standard is simple according to Badgemaster, the UK's leading supplier of name badges. "Providing name badges to customer-facing staff is a proven and very cost-effective solution to the Care Quality Commission regulations" confirms John Bancroft, Managing Director of Badgemaster. Dr Neil Shaw of Eyre Street Dental Practice in Clay Cross, Derbyshire agrees, commenting: "badging our team with Badgemaster's help very quickly and painlessly satisfied this outcome for our audit".

Nottinghamshire-based for 20 years, Badgemaster designs and manufactures ready-to-wear employee name badges for thousands of hospitals, surgeries and care homes and well understands the needs of healthcare professionals. Badgemaster's experience suggests that its own high product and service quality is greatly valued where time and budget come under pressure.

"Badgemaster has built excellent customer loyalty by providing a wide choice of name badge styles with clothes-friendly and patient-safe fasteners and high quality logo reproduction, together with a very fast and easy ordering and delivery process, all at the most competitive prices with no minimum order" states John Bancroft. "It's also notable that many of the customers who compliment our staff for being so friendly and helpful are in the healthcare sector" he adds.

For more information, call Badgemaster's Customer Services team on 01623 723112 or visit either the Badgemaster website at or the Care Quality Commission website at

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