AMBEX 2008 is a show stopping event for Medical Gas Services

Ambex 2008 was the recent showcase for Medical Gas Solution's revolutionary range of lightweight respiratory and resuscitation equipment including the new Multi-Patient Unit capable of delivering sustained oxygen to up to 48 casualties for thirty minutes.

The event also provided a unique opportunity for MGS to demonstrate the clinical benefits of medical gas equipment that has been ergonomically designed to meet the needs of frontline Emergency Services crews including ultra-lightweight cylinders developed by Luxfer Medical to provide increased cylinder capacity together with significant weight savings of up to 70%.

Darren Allen, MGS' Sales and Marketing Director adds; "The MPU series was originally developed for use after a chemical or biological attack, and is currently being reviewed by the NHS for use as an emergency standby oxygen supply for main hospitals, temporary hospitals and emergency treatment centres. Nottingham University Hospital is one of the first NHS Trusts to pioneer the system as an integral part of their critical care contingency plan."

Extended capacity MPU systems have proven to be a major breakthrough in helping emergency services deal with the aftermath of major incidents. . Weighing approximately 80kg, (when all cylinders are full) MPU units include user-friendly control panels mounted on a purpose built trolley capable of holding four 10 litre cylinders producing up to 13,600 litres of medical oxygen.

MGS have also been awarded a position on the new Framework Agreement for the supply of medical gases and services to Ambulance Trusts across the UK as part of the North West Collaborative Procurement Hub.

By combining optimum service levels with cost-effective, flexible systems, MGS are rapidly becoming the industry's first point of contact for a unique service that not only benefits crews with lighter weight, higher duration cylinders, but also reduces the number of rental cylinders needed per annum as well as allowing them to track cylinder stocks on-line.

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