A new benchmark for personal protection

When exposed to bodily fluids and potentially harmful microogranisms, response time is critical to lower the chance of becoming infected.

With MyClyns™ a whole new standard of care is available to protect you in the field when and where you need it. MyClyns™ is a protective spray in an easy-to-use convenient pen-like device that allows you to protect yourself immediately after an exposure while you are still attending to your casualty.

MyClyns™ is a versatile, portable and convenient, readily accessible first response non-aerosol and non-flammable spray providing immediate personal protection from harmful pathogens. The only non-alcohol disposable one-time use product you can keep in your pocket and apply directly to your face, nose, mouth, ears and open wounds when you are in the field and your post-exposure protocols are not available.

Independent laboratory tests show that the solution in MyClyns™ demonstrates a 99.99% reduction in MRSA and many other germs on contact. MyClyns™ has demonstrated virucidal activity against HIV-1, showing a 93.74% reduction in 30 seconds and a 99.99% reduction after 2.5 minutes in an in-vitro test. The solution also demonstrated in-vitro virucidal activity against Herpes Simplex Virus type 1 (68.74% reduction in 30 seconds) and a 99.99% reduction in Hepatitis C within 30 seconds and 99.99% reduction in Clostridumdifficile in a clinical trial.

MyClyns™ contains the revolutionary Microcyn® Technology, a pH-neutral, non-irritating solution of compounds that are similar to the chemicals produced by the human body (neutrophils) in its defense against microorganisms. These oxychlorine compounds move through the pathogen's cells and deactivate essential enzymes and structures, rendering them non-viable.

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